Office of the NSW Legal Services Commissioner


About us

The NSW Legal Services Commissioner (LSC) receives all complaints about solicitors and barristers in New South Wales.

The Office of the NSW Legal Services Commissioner (OLSC) works as part of a co-regulatory system, with the Council of the Law Society of NSW (the professional association for solicitors) and the Council of the NSW Bar Association (the professional association for barristers) to attempt to resolve consumer matters and investigate complaints about professional conduct. The OLSC is, however, an independent statutory authority.  

The LSC reports to Parliament through the New South Wales Attorney General.


The main purpose of the OLSC is to receive and deal with complaints against solicitors and barristers within a context of consumer protection and protection of the rule of law.

The OLSC strives to improve the professionalism of solicitors and barristers in New South Wales and seeks to ensure that solicitors and barristers abide by their ethical and professional obligations when providing services to the public. The OLSC seeks to ensure that it makes a lasting and significant contribution to raising standards in the legal services industry and improve the satisfaction with the services delivered to the community by solicitors and barristers.