Office of the NSW Legal Services Commissioner


OLSC Structure

NSW Legal Services Commissioner is supported by the Coordinator Reviews & Support.

Research & Projects Officer undertakes a variety of research in collaboration with the profession, academics and other regulators as well as an educational program through lectures, seminars and conferences, information, publication and website services.

Legal & Investigation Team is led by the Assistant Commissioner (Legal). The team handles investigation of complaints involving issues of unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct and also conducts compliance audits of any law practice.  The team also has the carriage of matters before the NSW Civil & Administrative Decisions Tribunal - Occupational Division. The Assistant Commissioner (Legal) is supported by an Administrative Assistant.

Mediation & Investigation Team is led by the Complaints Manager. The team handles complaints involving consumer matters​. The Complaints Manager​ is supported by an Administrative Assistant.

Information Services & Systems Team handles the OLSC's certification and accreditation, information technology and training requirements for OLSC staff.

​Administration Manager provides human resources and financial support.

Client Services Team provides support services to assist the Commissioner and his staff to meet its obligations and goals.

Inquiry Line Team handles initial enquiries and calls for information on complaints about legal practitioners and provides procedural advice. They may, in appropriate circumstances, conduct phone mediations.