Fact sheets

The OLSC produces fact sheets that provide information to consumers of legal services on a range of topics, such as, costs disputes, negligence and liens.

  1. What Happens When You Complain to the OLSC [PDF, 82 kb] explains the process when a complaint is lodged
  2. Costs Disclosure [PDF, 81kb] explains the requirement for lawyers to disclose their costs to clients
  3. Types of Costs [PDF, 81kb] explains the difference between lawyer/client (aka solicitor-client costs) and ordered costs (aka party/party costs)
  4. Regulated Costs - Personal Injury Claims [PDF, 83kb] sets out the costs a lawyer can charge in personal injury matters
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  6. Regulated Costs - Motor Accident Compensation [PDF, 83kb] sets out the costs a lawyer can charge in motor accident compensation matters
  7. Costs Disputes [PDF, 88kb]​ explains our processes for dealing with costs disputes and the Cost Assessment Scheme
  8. Costs Dispute Resolution [PDF, 68kb] information for consumers on costs mediation as a means of resolving costs disputes
  9. Negligence [PDF, 86kb] discusses our processes for dealing with complaints alleging negligence
  10. Liens [PDF, 55kb] explains when a lawyer might retain a client's documents and/or property
  11. Conflict of Interests [PDF, 73kb] explains the concept of a conflict of interests and the types of conflict of interests
  12. Deceased Estates [PDF, 84kb] explains a lawyer's role in relation to estate and probate matters
  13. Settlement [PDF, 81kb] explains a lawyer's role and duties in relation to a settlement
  14. File Ownership and Handling [PDF, 77kb] explains the requirements for retaining and storing files
  15. Hiring a Lawyer [PDF, 83kb] explains the process of hiring a lawyer
  16. Opposing Legal Representatives [PDF, 85kb] information for consumers on the role and duties of opposing legal representatives
  17. Independent Children's Lawyer [PDF, 80kb] explains the role of an independent children's lawyer