Persons wishing to lodge a Complaint Form should first contact the Office of the NSW Legal Services Commissioner on toll free 1800 242 958 or (02) 9377 1800 and speak to one of our Inquiry Line officers about their complaint. 

After contacting our toll free Inquiry Line, persons wishing to make a complaint about a solicitor or barrister in New South Wales, should complete a complaint form.   Once submitted, it may take OLSC 6-8 weeks to assess your complaint.

Online Complaint Form 

The easiest way for you to make your complaint is via our online Complaint Portal. Supporting documentation can also be attached. 


Clear information will assist the OLSC in assessing your complaint. The complaint form must contain the following: 

  • Your full name, postal address and contact details of the person making the complaint 

  • You must also include the name of the individual lawyer or law practice 

  • A description of the complaint 

  • Information about when the conduct complained about occurred (with dates if possible)  

  • Copies of any supporting documentation 


Do not click submit multiple times. Click once and wait for a confirmation email that your complaint has been submitted successfully along with your reference number and further details. 

Complaint Form PDF version

You can also download and complete a PDF version of the Complaint Form, or write a letter or email setting out the information as outlined above. You can send your email to olsc@justice.nsw.gov.au or you can post your complaint to our address: 

Office of the NSW Legal Services Commissioner 
Level 9 OCBC Building 
75 Castlereagh Street 
GPO Box 4460 SYDNEY NSW 2001 

All publication material on our website are PDF documents and require Adobe Reader to be installed on your computer. The Adobe Reader​ can be downloaded free from the Adobe website.








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