The Regulation of Third Party Litigation Funding in Australia - Discussion Paper, Part 1 [PDF, 2Mb] and Part 2 [PDF, 3Mb], March 2012

Solicitors' Undertakings - Dangers and SafeguardS [PDF, 1Mb] presented by Steve Mark, NSW Solicitors compulsory CPD Intensive, Television Education Network, Sydney 11 March 2011

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Implementing Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and the Professions [PDF, 4Mb] presented by Steve Mark, Symposium on Money Laundering Tax Evasion and Tax Havens, Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Sydney, 7 November 2008

Legal Education and the 21st Century Law Graduate [PDF, 3Mb] presented by Steve Mark, Continuing Legal Education Association of Australasia 2008 Conference, Raising the Bar - Professional Development for Legal Education Professions, Sydney, 16 October 2008

Re-Imagining Lawyering: Whither the Profession? [PDF, 4Mb] Keynote Address presented by Steve Mark, Australian Academy of Law Symposium 2008, Sydney, 25 July 2008

What is the impact on Australian culture of the introduction of numerous laws which impact on our civil liberties and some might say our National identity? [PDF, 253Kb] presented by Steve Mark, 6th Annual National Security Australia 2008 Conference, Sydney, 6-7 March 2008

The impact on the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation on the Legal Profession and other Service Industries [PDF, 5Mb] presented by Steve Mark, Anti-Money Laundering 2007 International Quality and Productivity Centre, 30 October 2007

Money Laundering and Trust - What Role for Lawyers? [PDF, 437Kb] presented by Steve Mark, Marcus Evans Anti-Money Laundering Conference, Sydney, 6 & 7 March 2007

Civility and Professionalism - Standards of Courtesy [PDF, 578Kb] and Addendum [PDF, 569Kb] presented by Lynda Muston, Conference of Regulatory Officers, Sydney, 9 and 10 November 2006

What is Legal Work? - A Regulator's View [PDF, 389Kb] presented by Steve Mark at the LAWASIAdownunder2005 Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland, March 2005

Is State Regulation of the Legal Profession Inevitable? [PDF, 3Mb] presented by Steve Mark at the Pacific Rim Conference, Heron Island, October 2003

Harmonisation or Homogenisation? The Globalisation of Law and Legal Ethics- An Australian [PDF, 260Kb] presented by Steve Mark at the Symposium on International Law Ethics at Vanderbilt Law School, Nashville Tennessee, USA, March 2001

Personal Injuries and Workers Compensation Claims: Should these be adversarial? [PDF, 3Mb] presented by Steve Mark at the Medicine & Law Conference, Melbourne, May 2001

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The Defence of the Fair Go Society [PDF, 58Kb] an occasional address by Steve Mark on being awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa, Macquarie University, October 2000

Resolving Grievances in a Grieving World [PDF, 59Kb] presented by Steve Mark at the 11th Women, Management and Industrial Relations Conference, July 1999

Intellectual Property and Indigenous Rights [PDF, 59Kb] presented by Steve Mark at the Pacific Science Conference, UNSW, July 1999

Risk - Danger or Development [PDF, 206Kb] presented by Steve Mark, December 1998

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