Register of Disciplinary Action

It is important that you take the time to read Section 152​ of the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014 (LPUL Application Act) and the liability disclaimer when accessing or searching the Register of Disciplinary Action for the first time.

Section 152 of the LPUL Application Act requires the NSW Legal Services Commissioner (LSC) to keep a Register of Disciplinary Action (the Register) taken against solicitors and barristers in New South Wales.

The LPUL Application Act and accompanying Regulation require that the Register include certain particulars including: the person's professional capacity (for example, barrister or solicitor); the local regulatory authority that took the disciplinary action; the date of the decision or determination of the local regulatory authority to take the disciplinary action; and a description or summary of the conduct that is the subject of the disciplinary action.

A direct link has been included for each lawyer where the disciplinary decision has been made by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) - Occupational Division (Disciplinary Tribunal). These decisions provide the full particulars of the allegations together with their findings, reasons and orders.

The Register contains information about disciplinary action taken by:

  • the LSC
  • the Council of the Law Society of New South Wales
  • the Council of the New South Wales Bar Association
  • the Disciplinary Tribunal, and
  • Superior Courts

Lawyers subject to disciplinary action prior to 4 October 2002 are not listed in the Register.

You can contact the Law Society of New South Wales or the New South Wales Bar Association for information of disciplinary action taken against a lawyer prior to 4 October 2002.

Other states and territories

Information concerning disciplinary action taken against lawyers in other states and territories is available via these links:


We have attempted to make the Register as easy to use as possible, requiring that you only need to type in the name of the lawyer.

In cases where more than one lawyer has the same or similar name, simply click on each name and check the additional information provided in relation to that name. If it is still not clear, contact the relevant regulatory authority who may be able to help you identify the lawyer.​​​