The Office of the NSW Legal Services Commissioner (OLSC) undertakes research and makes submissions and recommendations with respect to issues raised in the regulation of the legal profession in New South Wales.

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    August 2012

    OLSC submission [PDF, 2Mb]​ to the National Legal Profession Reform Project.

    November 2011

    OLSC Submission [PDF, 465Kb] to the Chief Justice's Review of the Costs Assessment Scheme.

    30 June 2011

    OLSC Submission [PDF, 161Kb] to the Law Reform Commission Consultation Paper No. 13 Security for Costs and Associated Costs Orders.


    13 August 2010

    OLSC submission [PDF, 339Kb] to the National Legal Profession Reform Project

    July 2010

    OLSC submission [PDF, 93Kb] to the Annual Review of Regulatory Burdens on Business: Business & Consumer Services - the inclusion of lawyers within the migration agent regulatory framework

    September 2009

    OLSC Discussion Paper [PDF, 438Kb]: Reform of Complaint Handling Providing Redress for Service Delivery Complaints

    1 April 2009

    OLSC submission [PDF, 398Kb] to Recommendation 47 of the NSW Ombudsman' s Special Report on the Freedom of Information Act 1989

    September 2008

    OLSC Research Report [PDF, 5Mb] on the Impact of Management Based Regulation on Incorporated Legal Practices in NSW jointly with Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

    November 2007

    OLSC submission [PDF, 307Kb] to the 2007-2008 Review of Statutory Self-Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession


    May 2003

    OLSC submission [PDF, 92Kb] on the Law Society of New South Wales Government Solicitors' Committee' s draft paper entitled "Ethical Guidelines for Government Lawyers"

    August 2002

    OLSC submission [PDF, 5Mb] ​in response to the Recommendations of Report entitled: "Further Review of Complaints against Lawyers Report"

    December 2001

    OLSC submission [PDF, 3Mb] in response to the NSW Attorney General' s Department Issues Paper - A Further Review of Complaints Against Lawyers and the NSW Law Reform Commission' s Report 99 Complaints Against Lawyers: An Interim Report

    2000 and earlier

    December 2000

    OLSC submission [PDF, 4Mb] to the NSW Law Reform Commission Issues Paper 18 - Review of Part 10 of the Legal Profession Act 1987


    OLSC Submission [PDF, 8Mb] to the National Competition Policy Review of the Legal Profession Act 1987

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